prepare for a scholarship interview
prepare for a scholarship interview

Essential Guide to prepare for a scholarship interview

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How to prepare for a scholarship interview?

Be the truest of yourself

So far, most of the private school scholarship exams have ended, and interviews seem to be a topic that we have to discuss before us. Recently, parents have been calling to ask, do you have any training on interviews? What questions will be asked during the interview? What should be said and what should not be said? and many more.

There are really different opinions on how to prepare for the interview. It’s not difficult to collect interview questions if someone’s family doesn’t know a few friends or the children of relatives have had scholarship interviews. However, in the face of such problems and the indirect experience of “other people’s children”, what can we do?

I personally disagree with training children to answer questions in the way that the examiner expects, rather than what they really think. For example, you can’t say that your favorite is mine craft, but that your favorite is reading; you can’t say that the school you most want to go to is actually the one next to it, not the one that is currently being interviewed…

For the interview, I personally think that parents do not need to be too cautious. Your cautiousness will also make the children entangled. Otherwise, even before the exam, the parents cheer “Don’t worry, you can do it, you will do your best no matter what.” However, some children still can’t help thinking when answering questions: Is it okay for me to say that? Then the whole performance was trembling, and he lost his usual agility.


One of my main suggestions for children who received interview notices at Excel Withus is: be yourself. In the interview, tell your own innermost thoughts, what you think, just say what you think, speak confidently, and speak clearly.

In addition, I want to tell the children that if you can do some small jobs as follows, maybe you can make the interview an interesting and special experience.

First, get to know the school and do a little research on the school you are applying for. Understand that they have a history and what extracurricular activities are there. Are there any that are of particular interest to you? Think about how this school is different from your current school. Would you like to go to school here? Why?

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This is not just preparation for the interview, but also a kind of respect for the school and the examiner. Every school has gone through several generations of hard work from its establishment to its development. It has accumulated experience of success and failure, and it is branded with the imprint of each era. Whether or not this school is the most ideal choice in your mind, it has something worthy of your knowledge and experience.

Second, get to know yourself and sort out your own experience. If you don’t know where to start, you might as well ask yourself a few small questions: What are you most interested in doing in life? In the past two years, which is your favorite book? Who is your most willing friend? If you start high school next week, which interest group would you like to join the most? What do you love most about your parents? What do you dislike the most about your parents doing to you?

The purpose of the interview is to let the school and the examiner get to know you, so take this good opportunity to get to know yourself. Don’t worry about your answer being different from others. What the examiner wants to see is the unique you.

Third, get to know your parents and thank them for their contributions. Getting an offer for an interview indicates that you have achieved good results in the written test. No matter what kind of family you come from, there will be contributions from family members behind your grades. Don’t forget to sort out what your parents have done for you in the past ten years. What made you become who you are now, don’t think about the things you have to do that you are unwilling to do. Think about it’s your mom preparing lunch boxes for you every day, and your dad picking you up every week to participate in various activities. When you give up, they are by your side to keep you going.

The last point is to maintain your politeness as always during the interview process, respect the examiner, and respect the interview opportunities you strive for.

If you want to ask me “what about then”? Well, then go home, everything is as usual.

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