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GNDU Admission and How to Improve Your Chances

GNDU Admission refers to General Category University Admission (GCU) and is offered by the GNDU Education Pvt Ltd. The name itself defines that this is an exclusive educational institution. It is one of the oldest education bodies in India. It has an enrollment of more than 10000 students every year. It is accredited by the Delhi Commission on International Student Admissions (DCCI).

GNDU Admission is an important step towards pursuing higher studies in India. This is a university that provides both bachelors and masters programs. Bachelor’s programs offered are the arts, commerce, engineering, journalism, political science, sociology, communications, theology, math and science. Masters programs offered are architecture, medicine, humanities, business, psychology, occupational therapy, psychology, social work, sociology, technology and mathematics. All these courses offer various advantages to the students.

A Bachelor’s degree in Horticulture and Biotechnology with M.Sc will help students specializing in plant sciences. Courses include plant biology, plant science, horticultural biotechnology, pest management, crop and yield management, horticultural development, pest control, and economics. A Master’s in Horticulture and Biotechnology with M.S. also helps students in teaching assistant courses, student development, and laboratory work.

Almost all the Masters in Horticulture and Biotechnology programs are notified by the Delhi Commission on Higher Education (DCHE) and the Delhi University Admissions and Appeals Council (DUAC). However, if you belong to a Delhi district and if you want to pursue your degree in any of the universities across the national capital, you are required to give a written confirmation to the concerned authorities concerned about your graduation status. Usually, all students who have completed their graduation in any other institution are not notified by the DUAC or DCHE.

A student who is yet not notified may still be eligible for a Gndu admission. Before you apply for a Gndu admission, ensure that you submit all transcripts as proof of your graduation status. Transcripts will facilitate the admission procedure. For further details, check the eligibility criteria from Delhi University or the concerned authorities.

The major courses offered in the course of a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Horticulture and Biotechnology include plant sciences, microbiology, chemistry and physiology. Horticulture and Biotechnology are one of the important branches of science that studies the living organisms with a combination of biochemistry and genetics. Students who have average scores of 55 in their math examination can also apply for Gndu and BSC courses. Expected candidates with a minimum aggregate of 50 in their math examination will be considered for the 2021 eligibility criteria.

Other important subjects included in the course are Biochemistry, Chemistry, Physics and English. Students can join the programs offered by the Delhi University. Students opting for BSC and MS programmes in the said branch will need to fulfill the eligibility criteria of the Delhi University. Undergraduate candidates who have not joined any of the existing courses can opt for BSC in Delhi University. Undergraduate candidates who score a minimum 50 in their math examination can also apply for Gndu admission.

The Delhi University has been offering a complete online platform to study Gndu. Candidates who wish to pursue their BSC in Horticulture and Biotechnology from Delhi University can avail the Gndu Admission Kit at no extra cost. Students can check their online records to verify their eligibility for each module. In this module students have to apply both theoretical and practical examinations. Students who clear all three modules will be awarded with a certificate in the third week of April, 2021.

A complete suite of arithmetic, chemistry and biology is being offered by the Delhi University. Candidates with a minimum aggregate of 50 have to appear for the M.A exam. Students who pass the exam and get a good score in their first attempt to get an opportunity to earn a degree. Students can either choose to pursue engineering, law or zoology through Delhi University’s online courses. Online candidates have to follow the rules of the course and complete all assignments.

Online candidates have to register with the Delhi University Examinations Centre before the exam date. By doing this they can opt for the courses that suit them best. Online candidates who do not possess computer skills need to apply for the online courses that are available from various Delhi University, Delhi State Board and Delhi Technical Institute. The Delhi University offers three different courses namely Biotechnology and Applied Statistics, Civil and Engineering, and Horticulture and Agriculture.

The first week of August is the most important days to complete registration with the Delhi University Examinations Centre. The students have to read the instructions provided by the centre before appearing for the examination. The first week of August is the only time when the examinees have to submit any sample paper or essay. The examiners examine the papers and grade them on the first week of August.

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