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EWS Admissions

Delhi Government is ready to initiate the EWS admission procedure for entry-level courses from January 25th, 2021. The approved date for applying online is 25th February, 2021. On receipt of application, the applicant can directly proceed to the registration page and provide necessary details. The date is considered final for admissions.

Initially, there is a holiday period (from Sunday to Monday). After that, all EWS applications must be submitted by the end of that week. The same policy applies to both government and private schools. On receipt of application, the online program will be initiated on January 25th, 2021. On the same day, the private schools can also make applications for its admission.

The policy for EWS admissions is designed with flexibility in mind. In other words, it is meant to provide the flexibility to those who cannot afford to pay for an expensive boarding school. For example, those parents who may not be able to afford land allotted for boarding school for their child can opt for an online program. Moreover, students from chartered institutes who opt for online study are provided with the opportunity to pursue their education at their own pace. Hence, these students are referred to as ‘flexible students.’

EWS has an official website where details of the eligibility criteria and other essential information regarding ews admission, can be found. The site also includes the application procedure, detailed description of the process, and the quota. Private schools built in Delhi may choose to apply online for their EWS quota or send application letters to overseas students directly. The government schools have a separate procedure for admissions.

Those eligible for EWS may fill an application form and submit the relevant documents or their school’s application form. The documents required for this purpose are the Personal Income Certificate (PEC), school transcripts, school records, and school reports. To be eligible for the EWS quota, students must achieve the eligibility criteria of the National School Entrance Examination Board or the Delhi School Examination Board after achieving the academic excellence or better during the primary school stage and must have attained the minimum entry criteria of the National Board of Secondary Education or the ESOL as a qualified child who is below 14 years of age.

In order to receive the EWS quota, online application process must be followed. On receipt of application, the Delhi School Examination Board will set a last date by which the candidates need to appear for the examination. On the last date, the candidates need to appear at least fifteen days in class before the examination. The school authorities will post a list of required qualifications along with the list of recent academic grades. Candidates can directly apply for the EWS program no later than the last day of classes.

Those candidates who are eligible for the EWS admit category but may not have submitted their income certificate by the last date of classes. This will be a valid reason for rejecting their candidature for admission to the EWS. Students who have not submitted their income certificate by the last date of classes in a Delhi private school can apply for the EWS if they satisfy the criteria of the Delhi School Examination Board and possess one year’s worth of fixed domestic tuition fees.

Candidates who possess the specified criterion for eligibility for the EWS admit category and satisfy the other admission eligibility criteria will be allowed to proceed to the main entrance exam conducted by Delhi education department. Candidates who do not possess the specified eligibility criteria for the EWS admit category but satisfy other admission standards may still enter into the reserved list of students for the main exam of Delhi private schools. The Delhi education board will send the results of the main exam to all the schools in Delhi for confirmation.

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