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An Overview Of Du Sol Application Admission Process

The School of Open Learning has been established as part of the University of Delhi from 1962 and has been a pioneering member of the field of online distance learning in India. It is among the largest educational institutes in India, having nearly 5 lakh students enrolled each year. The school maintains regular eight-month full-time teaching schedule, making it a challenging environment for the learners. It offers associate, postgraduate, diploma, masters, doctoral, and doctorate degrees.

Online mode of admission of these courses is called Distance Learning Admission Program or DPL. There are two types of this admission program: online only and offline modes. Both the types of programs have many benefits, which make them highly popular among candidates from various countries. Firstly, they allow candidates to apply for a degree that they may not be available with in their country. Secondly, they offer flexible learning options like the use of computers, voice conferences, online tutoring and the usage of blackboards. Thirdly, they offer the same quality of education as that of traditional college and universities.

All the online programmes of the School of Open Learning follow some of the basic admission requirements of other leading educational institutes. Candidates who do not fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria will be treated as eligible applicants and provided with an opportunity to participate in the first priority admission programmes. Candidates who are found eligible after submitting their applications in full and using the required documents can participate in the second preference or first priority admission programmes. It is important to note that all the programmes provided by this university are fully comprehensive and have complete curriculum inclusion. The University provides various PG courses, Engineering programmes, MBA programmes, and MCA programmes in its online medium.

All the prominent business schools in UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand offer admission to the first year students in their respective disciplines of Business, Management, Information Systems and Economics with the help of Distance Education Programs (DEP). The programme covers a full year of study. The first year is occupied with practicability-based topics that form a foundation of the core subjects that are offered throughout the whole year. An important aspect of the programme is English communication, which forms a fundamental aspect of all disciplines of study.

The National Admission Test (NAT) for Financial Market and Business Studies (FMBBS) and National Assessment Test (NAAT) is compulsory for all those who wish to participate in the first year of Business Studies. For the remaining subjects, candidates can either register with the University prior to commencing the course or they can submit their transcripts via e-mail. The transcripts require the necessary marks to be obtained from the College, as the University uses a points system to award credits. Candidates who obtain at least five hundred marks and maintain a strong writing performance throughout the year are eligible for National Admission Test (NAT) credit.

Financial Aid is offered to eligible candidates based on the results of the NAT and National Assessment Test (NAAT) scores. Financial assistance may be in the form of loans from the Dean’s Office, through the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) scheme, from the student’s bank, or from the National Foundation for Credit Management, to whom one must pay for the cost of getting the seats. In cases where some seats are occupied by vacancies, special offers are made to qualified first year students on account of their low performance.

After the SSC finds that all candidates meeting the eligibility criteria for admission have been successfully placed, the next step in the process is to decide the order of examination. Candidates may either sit the examination in a classroom or take the test online. Once all candidates have qualified, the University will send out notification letters, offering the first year courses. On successful completion of the course, the University will send confirmation letters, awarding the seats to the candidates who have completed the course.

The SSC Examination is usually held in September or May each year, at the City University of New York (CUM) or at the University of Cambridge. The exam is usually taken just once but can be repeated if more candidates wish to take it. After the SSC Examination, the students are allocated a place based on their performance. At the end of this step, the candidates are notified about their results, and it is at this point that it is possible to opt for the General admission to New York University (GCU) or the selective University of Cambridge.

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