tips for online interview preparation
tips for online interview preparation

10 tips for online interview preparation

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 Tips for online interview can be challenging given the behavioral changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, during the crisis, companies are having to deal with the home office , as a strategy to ensure the safety of employees and other measures

One of them involves the recruitment and selection processes. Online interviews have become commonplace and, with the need for social isolation, this practice has intensified. The tendency is for the methodology to continue, even after the end of the pandemic.


The purpose of this article is to help the HR analyst in this task. Read on and you will find that, with organization and following the 10 tips that will be presented, it is possible to succeed in this type of recruitment.

Tips for online interview?

The internet recruitment process can start even before the interview . In this context, the company advertises vacancies and opportunities on specialized websites and receives resumes by email to be analyzed .

After screening, the next step is to prepare the interview online. In this way, everything is done in a virtual environment, even the delivery of documentation. And the new collaborator should only appear in person at the company when he actually starts working.

Check out our tips and learn how to prepare a selection online. But remember: the remote interview is not a substitute for the face-to-face meeting. However, this modality should be an alternative for companies going forward.

1. Pre-test

Online interviews are conducted via platforms such as Google Hangouts, Skype or similar, which offer environments for meetings over the internet. Before the meeting, check the brightness of the place and check audio and video equipment.

2. Follow a script

As with the face-to-face interview, the online interview must also follow a script. This makes it easier to optimize time and be objective in conducting the same.

3. Ensure a good internet connection

Also test with the internet. It is essential that participants can see and hear with quality. Fluid communication can be decisive for the candidate’s understanding and evaluation.

4. Keep the mood pleasant

Job interviews often generate anxiety in candidates. Because they happen in a different environment, such as the virtual one, the psychological effects can become more intense. The role of the interviewer in these cases is to encourage a pleasant atmosphere, with empathy and cordiality. To do this, be clear and objective, remaining calm to conduct the interview.

5. Choose the proper place

The interview is online, so anywhere will do, right? Wrong. Be concerned about the environment where you will be and choose bright, organized, silent and interruption-free places.

6. Get your framing right

The video camera should be an ally when interviewing online. So, look for the best framing and have quality equipment. Also, look directly into the lens and show that you are interested in what the candidate has to say.

7. Think about your look

Just as the environment must be carefully chosen, your clothes, accessories, beard and hair are also important. Present yourself well in front of the camera, without sloppiness. Remember that if a good impression is important in a face-to-face interview, it should be no different online.

8. Disable other platforms and close extra tabs

In the fifth tip we talk about quiet and interruption-free environments. This is also true for social media notifications. Therefore, close all programs or browser tabs that are not being used to avoid noise and distractions. And don’t forget to silence your phone.

9. Don’t forget to write down

In a complex process such as a job interview, it is critical to take notes on details that cannot be overlooked. So always have a pen and paper handy. Also, as tempting as it is to open a document and type in the candidate’s responses, it can distract and detract from the online interview.

10. Watch the delay

The technology is wonderful, but it invariably fails. Delay is one of them, especially in video interviews. So, to avoid audio mismatch, try to speak slowly and give the respondent time to respond calmly. Learn to speak and listen calmly and safely.

Ready! By following these tips, it will certainly be easier to prepare an online interview.

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